People: the new moderators!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jackomighty, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick post on Somthing that's been on my mind recently. Alot of people assume that only the mods can effectively take care of rule breakers, but that isn't true anymore! Not only do we have a dedicated staff that's almost always on the website, we have our fancy shmancey new /report tool! For those who don't know: if you see a rulebreaker (spamming, all caps, language, rudeness, griefing) just type /report [offenders name] and [crime]. I've been noticing more and more accounts of this bad behavior recently, which makes sence seeing as EMC grows so rapidly. I also often see injustices because many are simply to lazy to report, or assume someone else will get to it, which isn't allways the case :) the staff can only see so many things. Let's help them out! Thanks guys ^_^

    -- Jack
  2. is it possible to report someone who has done nothing wrong... such as /report ismooch (random reason)

    i put ismooch there because we all know ismooch would do nothing wrong. (pretend not a mod)
  3. It is possible, yes. I'm sure you would be reprimanded if they found out you reported someone who has done nothing wrong.
  4. Then you would get kicked or banned for abusing the report tool.
  5. how would they know you falsely reported someone. (if there is no evidence other then a false accusation)
  6. Yup :) if you report someone, and they find out that there was no reason, the reporter is the one in trouble :p
  7. Don't be an idiot, just stop where you are! its a common knowledge that you know NOT to be and idiot(Not calling you one, just dont BE one)
  8. i'm not being an idiot. That has happened to my friend before on a different server.
  9. there is evidence, the report tool is to help bring it to their attention sooner.