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  1. People on smp4 are making things called banks .... The point is they are taking ^noobs^ money and keeping it till they want it back.... I think this in the long run will end with a couple scams and I think it will come to a bad ending -_-
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  2. I trust 3g3g3 but I know what you are talking about.
  3. Why would they need a bank...? Their rupees will be stored they just have to watch how much they spend....
  4. While I can't really stop people from making banks and such, I would strongly advise EVERYONE to avoid any person who is trying to "store" your money. :)
  5. I wanted to have more rupees, so my scam was to become a supporter. The suckers in charge give me all kinds of rupees and all I have to do is let them have some of my practically worthless real-world money. (Obviously I'm kidding, but being a supporter of something you love is a pretty good deal.)
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  6. That is why I am a supporter :)!
  7. lol, but people like this should be punished
  8. given as we have not received any complaints about the situation, we can not really punish anyone. Because, unless all the staff sees a trend of malicious acts circling around these kinds of things, we stick to a case by case basis.
  9. oh, -_-
  10. I've seen this too on smp4, and i'm very concerned about the reasons behind this. They promise these people "interst" on their accounts and, when they asked how they keep track of their balances, they were told "We'll just tell you when you ask". The problem is, the person that seems to be doing a lot of the transactions isn't on a lot, and if he decides to not show up for a long time, these people basically lose their rupees. Please keep an eye on this.