People like this guy make me sick.

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  1. So, I log on today and start farming my chickens. I hear in chat:
    "Come to **** and buy a house for 200r and you get a chest full of diamonds."
    Me and others totally doubted this, but to have some evidence, I paid him 200r and asked him where the chest was. He opened a door, and looked at a double chest in the ground. He then logged out, whilst I reported him and told others to do so. He had only been on for 21 days, and I think to myself. "Wow, he spent 21 days of his life to troll somebody on the best MC server to get a few bucks which he will never be able to use" He hasn't been banned yet, and I know his name, but seriously? Is this what the world is coming to? Having pre-teens troll you and waste their own time?
  2. kids are pretty pathetic now a days.
    its not even just kids in general, just the scumbag steve ones.
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  3. Yeah, they STILL haven't banned him, its been like 15 minutes and I forgot to take a pic.
  4. Yea I like trolling people when It's all just for fun and joking around but this I just take a deep breath "idiot"
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  5. a guy that said i could rent his spawner never told me where it was and i gave him 30k icc said there was nothing he could do :(
  6. Caveat Emptor
  7. Sick? Really? Minecraft trolls is all it takes for you? Here I thought you were going to mention some really sick people like animal abusers, rapists or other sickos. At most I would find your experience slightly annoying. Sure wouldn't make me sick.
  8. I was going to say the exact same thing.

    Anyone that falls for that, I point and laugh in their faces and wonder how they survive day to day in the real world. I'd also attempt to find out where they live and offer to sell them this box I have, which is a Mac laptop box, all still factory sealed, and just heavy enough to merit their being a laptop inside it and not bricks. <-- Always a good one to try.
  9. Well, in all fairness I know that there's kids as young as 8 on here and well, you know. It's a pretty mean thing to do and they can't be to blame for falling for it.

    Laughing in their face is a bit dramatic too.
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  10. You have to remember it's not just the children on here that cause the trouble. It is most, but there are some adults too that are just as bad. You said you didn't get a screen cap but if this conversation went on in the chat then a mod will be able to look into it still. How was he setting up this deal? A chest with an access sign? If there is nothing like that then he looks even worse off. Maybe the mods should tell him he needs to give the money back/go through with the deal, or will face a perma ban.
  11. MEINCRAFTA check your rupees history and look for payment to XXXXX and then report him there and take a screenie of ur rupee history :D
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  12. same thing kinda happened to me.
    so i was on smp8, and i needed some dirt storage for my lot, since i couldnt really have chests at that time. then somebody was saying that he was selling rooms to an apartment.
    first off i want to say that the building was OK, but since i wouldnt be living there it didnt matter, it was just for storage.
    so i pay the kid (8 years old to be exact, im almost twice as old as him) and he takes my 500 r and gives me my room. now 500 for 5 weeks was pretty good i think as its just for storage. then suddenly i come back the next day (actually only about 6 hours of away time, but it was technically the next day) and his lot was gone. i searched all over the servers till i came to smp5. he had moved and refused to give me my money back. dumb kid said you gave it to me. he also too everything in my chests, and it appeared as if he where selling my stuff. he set up a few signs for dirt, in a really expensive way. i have yet to see this kid again, but his name is [name redacted]. if you ever see him say "you owe imbobertrobert money"
  13. Don't accuse people in the forums by name. You should know better.
  14. sorry got caught up in the moment :( ill edit it !
    EDIT: but you did that for me lol thanks!
  15. Its been a day and still, with about 5 reports, no bannings/
  16. Contact a mod directly then? Via conversation on the forums or find them in-game and private message them?
  17. It is being investigated by one of our finest mods. Usually in these cases the moderator will try to talk to the offending party before taking more serious action. But since I'm not the moderator involved in this case, I can't be certain exactly what is being done. Just know that something IS being done and that additional reports from you are not necessary.
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  18. they might just need time. they do probably need to look through days worth of chat logs, command logs, and other logs to find what was said. remember to have patience.