People keep asking about "well known" members.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SillyWhiteMage, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. I am one cause I believe I am. (I honestly just like posting this video.)
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  2. WKM are just people with nothing to do and that keeps posting stuuf people likes.
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  3. The video is the secret to it.
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  4. I prefer to call them awesome and active Empire members. :)
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  5. You called ME awesome :O
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  6. :/ Only need 53 more like xD

  7. 52 :D
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  8. A Like for a Like
  9. So how do you even get Well known member? :D
  10. Get 100 Trophie points (well something like that).
  11. If you watched the video you'd know.
  12. Well, I am crazy :D (Even have paperwork)
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  13. Watching only the first few seconds doesn't count.
  14. I did watch the whole thing. :) Just excuse me for not typing an essay on it :)
  15. Excuse the off topic post, but I like your profile pic, nice one. :)
  16. The point of it isn't the insanity.The point is I believed I was a well-known member and then I was one.
  17. Thanks Shaun


    So Silly what your saying is, your talked and talked and then you became well known, Makes sense :D
  18. I had the mindset of one,therefor I became.
  19. Ok, I get it :D
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