People Have Stage Server Address?!

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  1. Werent you on when JustinGuy was giving those res's away?...
  2. According to only EmpireMinecraft has a res on stage. It looks like the stage town is a copy of a town from an SMP server from a long time ago.
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  3. Stage is basicly the test server of EMC
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  4. I think that is what it is, I tried putting in one of the res numbers and this is what I got:
  5. SMP9 was copied to stage at one point for testing. It's pretty blown up at this point.

    Also, as you can see, the stage livemap does not refresh often / work. We don't need it, so it's not an issue :)
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  6. Is it creative :p
  7. nosey!

    Yes we copied SMP9 to Stage, and I prepended a "999" to the residence addresses to ensure it never conflicts with the real smp9...

    however, since its not a proper server, the residences are not listed in the database so it wont count against your actual res count.
  8. Who me? Never :p
  9. The wild looks even more like a nuclear warzone 0-0
  10. Cool! Hey Aikar, when will you be adding more servers?? Meaning likw SMP10 or whatever... just wondering :p
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  11. Oh... also, Are people able to go onto it??? The black spots on the live map, are they chunk loading errors in-game? Or are they blown all the way to bedrock?? Just wondering:) I'm a very curious person :D
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  12. That's because its doesn't have a safe spawn so creepers end up in your business. That and tnt.

    Probably won't add more servers soon. Stage is staff only. The black spots are live map errors only - they work fine in the game. There could be buildings / fields etc under those spots, and we can walk through them without issue.
  13. At first I was like "I want to move to the city of no return now"
  14. This is my favorite section of the Live Map. Lol

    Pay no attention to the Coordinates
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