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  1. Hey everyone. I am going to make two 150 blocks tall wool skyscrapers on my res, (14603 on SMP7) after resetting it. (it means that the opening dates for the shop, hotel and SMC will be moved to around September 5-10th).
    My wool skyscrapers will contain some appartments, some offices and a shop. I have done some math and I have figured out that it will cost about 16-20K to make this. But I don't have that kind of money now and I am therefore asking for donators. Don't stop reading!!!! The 4 persons who donate the most will get their own lifetime appartment in the top of the skyscrapers, (that will say 4 appartments). The appartments will have 3 floors and will be filled over with luxus:) all the donators will also get a teleport stand to their res.:)
    If you want to donate, just write under here or pm me:). (you can also donate white and black wool and glass)
    If you want a penthouse appartment, you will have to donate at least 1000r.
    If anyone want pictures of the building I will send them when I get home. (It's build on singleplayer)
    Thank you:)
  2. ill give all the white wool i can
  3. Yay, you'll maybe get a penthouse:)
  4. Alright I will donate 5 rupees to this when can I pick the keys up to my lifetime apartment? FYI you didn't say a minimum amount in the Original Post :DDDD
  5. Didn't say a minimum amount, but it is only for the top 4 donators.
    And now I will set a minimum at 1000r

  6. I want my 5r back >.>
  7. Ok, I'll pay you 505 for the logo......
  8. do we get perms at this apartment???? if so i will donate lotsssssss
  9. Where is this?
  10. Perms? Like in flags for the res?
  11. Ooh, so sorry.... It is on res14603 on SMP7
  12. yes
  13. You will only have it when I am on.(don't trust everyone).