Penny Boards

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  1. Hey fellow Minecrafters!!! I was just curious on how good penny boards are! they seem very popular and fun and was just wandering if anybody that owned one and could give me some info on them as i might buy one, but not sure since they are like $150 (australian money)
  2. i have a cheap k-mart version of one that cost 20$
    the actual penny are better as they hold more weight more stable, easy to control and do tricks
    but if u don't want to spend a lot of money just get a cheap one like me as i only use it like once a week but if u want a better quality and longer lasting one i suggest the actual penny.
    Also in general penny boards are awesome as they are light and great for parks and small hills and to just chill and do tricks with. but not for doing extreme stuff like boming hills and sliding like u do with long Boards.
    hoped this helped
  3. Unless their cost is eponymous, they just look like cheap pieces of plastic. Regular skateboards are wider and have more grip, making them much easier to ride. To me, penny boards are just a retro fad for people who want to skate in their Crocs to Starbucks to take Instagram photos of their latte.
  4. :D well im thinking of buying one, but not sure if i should buy a penny board, or Transformers Fall of Cybetron which comes out soon...
  5. Eww.. crocs. They are the worst. I still cannot believe the NZ Olympic team wore them at the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony. *cringe*
  6. So, i bought a penny :D they are so fun! i got it yesterday and already ridden for about 10hrs :D i got a black one with purple wheels and white trucks, and it looks beast! is was defintely worth the $$$
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  7. There are a bunch of girls that are from another team at my netball games, they all have real penny boards. I want one, and when I look at them riding them I get distracted :(
  8. Yeah, i gotta real penny, black, white trucks, and purple wheels, they are really fun, definately get one :D
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  9. Haha, cool! Okay ;)