pengw7n is griefing

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by johnnybdetroit, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. [A player] appears to be griefing my tower. destroying blocks on my grinder

    pro_ganster is a witness here pengw7n.jpg
  2. Don't post names.
  3. /report & message an Admin your screen shots!
    Like Pig said above, don't post names or accuse in the forums
  4. What does this picture show? It shows nothing?
    Here is a screenshot of you trapping me with cobble stone, an example of pvp
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  5. I was just here on utopia, you need to pm this to a mod.
  6. More proof? He is just holding a lava bucket. It could of been empty and he was getting lava out of the cobble generator, your not burning are you? That means their isn't any PvP going on.
  7. I could be wrong here.
  8. so you saying i killed you with lava?
  9. No, im saying you trapped me with blocks, which can be considered a form of pvp
  10. It can be? I thought it was Player verses Player. I have been cornered with blocks before as a friendly joke. No PcP there whatsoever....
  11. oh thank God.
    Remember kids
  12. Why would you make fun of my stupid little conceiving fingers? :(
  13. If it's any concelation, my fingers have a studer :D. I swear they ddo.
  14. He might not be greifing, u dodt see him breaking it. he's probably just looking at the block for whatever reason.
    I know pengw7n. He isn't the kind of person who would greif.
  15. Hes just holding the bucket, I don't see and issues? He could have emptied the bucket on you, but he didnt.
  16. Exactly what did he break?
  17. All screenshots and accusations of both griefing and PvP are to be sent to a staff member in a private conversation. They are NOT to be placed in the public forums.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.