Penguin's Enchanted Books

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  1. Hello EMC. I'm going to be running a little shop based off the forums. All books have at least one good enchantment on them.

    For Sale
    More coming soon...

    How to Order
    Post here with the books you want, pay me, and I'll mail them to you. Simple as that.

    If you need a specific book, post below and I'll try to get it for you - you'll only pay for the enchantment you want. Any extras are free.


    - I also need feedback on the prices. Good, bad, okay? Thanks in advance
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  2. I'll buy all your books ! I believe the total cost is 13,400r. Let me know if my math is wrong.
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  3. Awesome, would you prefer I drop them off or mail them? I'll get them to you sometime tomorrow.
  4. I setup an access chest on SMP2 res # 3977.

    Does that work for you?
  5. Yep, that's fine.