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  1. This is rigged. The Wii isn't even on there! :p
  2. Wii????really?
  3. Why would they even put the 360 and ps3 up against the pc? Pc gaming is million times better. Also Wii is the best of the current gen consoles, with the DS( not i or 3DS) being the best handheld. It is not Nintendo bias, just the facts.
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  4. I do speak a little in jest. However, it is a gaming console of the same generation, so it really ought to be included. Oh, and this:

  5. I vote pc all the way. After the release of Minecraft for the Xbox360, I was appalled to learn that it cost's 1600 "Microsoft Points" to download! Screw that, I'll stick with my laptop.
  6. I agree with the DS being the best handheld, but the Wii as the best console I'm not sure about... I mean it has some really good games, but the graphics are terrible, it does not have enough memory, and it has terrible online service. The only current gen console I don't own is the Xbox 360.
    Edited In: I own a crapton of Wii games so do not call me a Wii hater.
  7. Anyone knows a way of de-cracking your 360? im stupid and i cracked it :p
  8. It has the most fun games I can only get on it. Most the stuff that would interest me for ps3/360 also have pc versions. Really if I were to get a ps3 or 360. I can't even think of ten different games I would get.
    EDIT: online play and graphics are not big concerns to me. Also it does have Monster Hunter and co-op so take that about the online stab.