[PC] My Promo Collection

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by BenMA, May 15, 2016.

  1. Just wanting an estimate on how much the following items are worth
    2x Dragon Poop
    2x Super Dragon Poop
    2x Ore Busters
    2x Mineral Mincers
    1x HxCami10 Head
    12x Pot Of Gold
    2x Annual Avalaunchers
    2x Maxarian Heads
    1x Iron Supporter Voucher
  2. These prices may be out of date...
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  3. A Maxarian head normally goes for about 45k
    A HxCami10 head cannot be priced as there are not many out there, only a few were released at his drop party and he has given some to close friends.

    Edit: There are also a few out there which was not given at the drop party
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  4. There are 11-12 HxCami10 heads out there. Mine is not renamed. It is a plain HxCami10 head.
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  5. Bump. Still looking for a price of the head.
  6. Dragon Poop is about 40+ and Super DP is about 50+
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