[PC] Good enough build?

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  1. It has been a long time since I got a new desktop, and I want to get a new one :D

    So I tried to build a new one, but I don't have experience with it (My friend will build it for me, don't worry)

    This is what I could come up with. I don't want a HIGH-Gaming PC, just one there is good enough for MC, CS:S&GO, TF2, HL2 and few other games.

    My build:

    Is this a good enough PC for what I want, and did I forget to add something or wrong components? I would appreciate some help :D
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  2. Or this:

    CPU: Intel i5-3570"K" + BLOODFREEZR 50FH/Asetek Water coolingsystem
    RAM: 8 GB DDR3, 1600 Mhz, TRAUMATIZR Series
    PSU: CoolerMaster GX Series, 550W
    Hardisk: WD/Seagate 500GB Harddisk 7200 rpm
    Windows 7

    [Edit] Probly Cooler Master TX3 CPU cooler, instead of water cooling
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  3. I don't know if Windows 8 costs much more to have instead of windows 7, but you CAN run minecraft, tf2, and probably the other 2 on windows 8. That is, assuming (since you play those games) that you use a separate mouse, and not like a laptop mousepad.
  4. That's really good, but you might want to question yourself on the hard drive. Most people don't use much, but still, be sure, or else it will be very bad in the future.
  5. Windows 8?

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  6. I don't like windows8, I'm used to windows7 and I probly wont ever change to windows8 :3
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  7. desktop mode is very similar to windows 7 looking, ill post a pic mah desktop.png
  8. I was gonna stick with 500GB, but I couldnt find one =P

    I will end up with 500GB since I have 2GB extern harddisk
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  9. The only problem with that is external drives are usually A LOT slower than an internal.
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  10. Anyone else ther wants to say something about these 2 pcs?:p
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