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  3. Lol, i think that's a bit out of my price range
  4. I'd the wifi adapter needed? And in that price range an SSD is easily possible.
  5. The motherboard i chose doesn't have a wifi card built in to it
  6. Can't you use Ethernet?
  7. The room it will be in is to far from the router to use ethernet
  8. Ok then. Maybe add a 120GB SSD for the OS. I did I that and don't regret it.
  9. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1fpgq

    Case fans might not work with this - but in a current situation - I might go with this build...

    ps) I wouldn't buy from here - i'd check prices with newegg.com .... these prices are a little over priced.

    - Hope you get what you're looking for :)
  10. I think that the i5 and 770 have better performance than the fx6100 and 7970. The i5 performs better than the FX when it comes to games, even though the FX has 2 extra cores. And 3TB of storage is quite a lot.
  11. 120 gigs for windows 7 is quite a bit of overkill if you ask me, windows usually only takes up about 25 gigs, leave some room for updates, say 5 gigs, another 5 for drivers,, and another five for driver updates, and another 10 for speed optimizations (the less stuff of the drive, the faster it will be within reason), and you should really only need a 60 gig ssd.

    I would say to be cautious about buying an I5, because depending on what games you play, it might not be enough. the more physics in a game, the better processor required with more caching. another thing that I would recommend would be to opt for maybe a cheaper 760 with 3gb vram, only because the extra vram can allow for more things to be rendered at a time with higher quality textures and meshes.

    16 gigs ram is quite good, maybe even overkill, if you want to change something, you can always go down to 8 and still have no problems.

    If you want to do any rendering (2D video, or 3d (Blender, Maya, Etc.), Vram and ram are a must have, though a processor that can take the beating is also necessary.

    Most I5's are better for games, (think of it as the colorful left hemisphere of the brain), while an I7 is a bit better suited towards physics (the autocratic and rational right side of the brain). an I5 with a good card can do great things, but an I7 with the same card can do even more things, just for a bit more $$.

    READ REVIEWS OF THE CASE. I looked at the interior, and it looks great, but read what others say about it on different websites. Remember that a bigger case is almost always better for cooling, assembling, and longevity! just because a case is big, though, does not mean that it is best. make sure that it fits your motherboard, and that there is plenty of space behind the main area. see that big hole in your case towards the upper left? that is to allow easier access to the backing of your motherboard, mainly behind the processor. this will make it MUCH easier to install that cooler you bought.

    too much power isn't bad. tally up all of the power you need multiple times. the more leeway you have on the powersupply, the better.

    the more you purchase from one place, the better (in my experience). if something doesn't work from day one, they might have a better RMA for the product if you bought all of the non-working parts from them.

    if something breaks, don't get worried. My first build, my power supply LITERALLY blew up in smoke and fire (it went out on it's own), and luckily it didn't break anything else. I used the 30 day warranty with it and got a new one mailed to me in a week, BUT I did have to pay to ship it back.

    Read reviews for every product as well, for instance your hard drive is a tad cheap for a 1tb drive. read reviews, it may be the case that it is a less reliable model.

    you can't go wrong with a CD drive that costs more than $10.

    you might think about getting an anti-shock wriststrap, they can easily dispell any static that you build up. if you have a linolium or wood floor, a wood or glass table, build it there. don't forget that clothes can generate static too, so be careful about what you wear (I sat on the kitchen floor with nothing but my underwear on, sorry you had to visualize that, but it helps with static)

    Don't sweat. sometimes when building, you might have to get in close. just make sure that you stay nice and cool and don't let any sweat into the case at all.

    remember to take it slow and read the instructions with everything, some cases and motherboards have specific instructions on how to assemble those components.

    Give the mailman a hand, When I got my packages, they came all at once, and he nearly dropped some boxes.
    remember to be there when the mail comes, usually most packages like these will require an adult signature.
    REMEMBER YOUR REBATES. you have $45 bucks in rebates, which is a nice total. you could add some nice "frilly" things to it, like a good fan/heat monitor.

    organize your cables, the less clutter in the case promotes better airflow.
    Finally, if you don't know how to build the computer (if you already did, half of this post was probably common sense to you), look up multiple tutorials. I particularly liked newegg's tutorials here. I would suggest watching them before building it, and while building it.

    Good luck :)

    P.S: when installing windows, the resolution will most likely not be the correct resolution of the monitor. don't freak out, you can change it.
  12. windows 7 for me took up about 60-70 gigs ... and as for memory yeh 3tb might be bit over kill - but i got 1.5t about 3 years ago - and i've already used up about 800gb of it ... and i was completely going on the specs and reviews on that page for the processor - me personally i'd go with one of the phenom II series - myself, i have the 965 black edition
  13. Yes that is better. The 760 and 770 are similar bu won't make much difference when playing minecraft
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  14. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1fEVP

    I left out the case as that's purely personal preference, Get any case you wish that's ATX or larger.

    Will come out to about $1300, your also best to source the parts from one place if possible.
  15. Cali
  16. there are no taxes online - except for like 3 states...
  17. If you buy an item online from a store that owns a store in your state, I believe that you are required to pay taxes. Plus, what I linked him to is in-store only:p