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  1. well as am only 14(soon 15) i do not own a credit card and i cannot make payments with paypal so the only way i can pay for stuff virtually is my amazing phone ;p.
    The problem is that empire doesnt have a mobile payment option(best to put uk,australia,usa and some other xD but mainly uk as i live in scotland) put payment for for rupees and supporter pls , thx in advance.
    if same topic already was here then sorry but i cant find any oh and tell me if its going to be "EVER" possible or not
  2. I want paysafecard to!
  3. good idea
  4. I am currently in discussion with paysafecard, it is going to take a bit to get set up because they are based outside of the US and we are US based. Not a big deal just a lot of paperwork and what not to make sure all the governments get paid. So yes I am 95% paysafecard will be coming to EMC in the future :) :)

    Edit: Paysafecard already accepted and approved us, we just need to get all the legal things in place :)