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  1. I recently replaced my debit card but when I tried to re-up my diamond membership, paypal won't let me use the new card. I get the message "You cannot complete this action on the card you have selected. Please select another card."

    I decided to try and purchase some rupees and that went through without a problem. I don't know if this is a problem on your end, or if it's something to do with the new card and recurring payments? The new card is from the same issuer and I didn't have any problems before.

    Can you help me figure this out?

  2. Have you verified your card on PayPal?
  3. Why did you have to replace it?
  4. My Paypal account is unverified but I've had this account since paypal first started. I'm just not comfortable giving them my banking info. Besides, I was unverified before and it wasn't a problem.

    The only thing that's changed on my end is the card number. The card issuer and my Paypal account are the same. And like I said, I had no problem buying rupees.
  5. By unverified, do you mean that they have limits put on your account?
  6. My wife lost her card. Does it matter or are you just being nosy :p
  7. Little bit of both. :p Nahh but mostly I wanted to see if it was just a renewal.
  8. It declined me for membership but took my money for rupees. That's why I was wondering it was something on EMC's end.

    Maybe I busted Aikar's chops just a little too much. :confused:
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  9. Prepaid Debit cards are usually not allowed (by paypal) for automatic subscriptions.

    Your old card must of had a different setting that allowed it to be used.

    I know my bank has an option, that is default disabled, to run a debit card as a credit card. Maybe that is the difference? There is nothing on EMC's side as we do not handle the payment processing. You will have to call PayPal and/or your bank to find out which one is blocking it from being used for subscriptions.

    In the mean time, you can use the "Buy Now" button, send in a manual payment and PM us the transaction ID- and that will work. We added that button primarily for people with prepaid cards that have issues with subscriptions.
  10. This sucks, when I just went to add a pre-paid card to my PayPal so I could buy 2 Diamond and 1 Gold Voucher, it said something about "the bank that issued this card does not allowed this type of transaction" :/
  11. Click on Buy now, then simply pay without logging in (by filling out the card # on that page) and that should work.
  12. Hmm but my PayPal page on there says that I have to make another account (probably different in the US and UK)

  13. Don't have that option at bottom?
  14. Just found it, I sent you a PM as I need to ask something :)
  15. I went through my Paypal account and figured out what happened.

    When I upgraded from gold to diamond I just simply clicked on the diamond upgrade button and paid through paypal. For some reason my paypal account shows that I canceled the subscription and that I have an outstanding balance of $10 to LLC. I thought that when I upgraded to diamond it would be handled automatically. I made a $20 payment to you on may 30 and on June 1st, it shows that I canceled a recurring payment to LCC. But for some weird reason, Paypal is showing that I still owe you $10. They're calling the $10 an outstanding balance. Maybe because I upgraded before my gold subscription ran out? I'm not sure why, but this is the reason I can't do a subscription.

    Can someone explain how diamond vouchers work? :)


    My wife remembered that she had a Paypal account so I used hers. I still wish I could get that outstanding payment off mine though.
  16. Going to go into details publicly (w/o releasing any private information) just to help others understand details on our system if they run into this too.

    Outstanding balances happen when a payment fails to clear.

    When a user upgrades while already active, we get an alert so we can go cancel the old for you (and in cases where the user does a 2nd upgrade shortly after another, we will refund the first).

    The issue is that you upgraded right as your gold was to auto renew too, so it wasn't cancelled in time (we have no cancel request for the gold, and it can take us up to 2 days to process billing tasks) and it failed to pay on the 1st because you used the funds for Diamond.

    As for the outstanding balance... This is odd. I'm pretty sure many people have re-newed subscription while the old subscription still lists an outstanding balance.

    I'm going to ask someone who just had theirs fail to see what it tells them.

    But you can use the buy now ,send in manual payment, then PM us transaction Id and we will manually apply the status.

    This may even clear the outstanding balance.
  17. It doesn't seem to have any effect on my Paypal account other than with your company. I think I'll just keep using my wife's account and leave it be.

    Thanks for the info.