Paying top price for epic Single Res All-in-one services Design!

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  1. I don't care what it costs, I want someone who can 'Design' me the building I need. I have specific technical requirements and many ideas how they will be met. What I can't seem to do is get a great cosmetic design I am happy with. So I'd like to hire someone to design a very ambitious build that will fit on a 60 x 60 x 256 residence. I'll list a few requirements here, but whoever gets the job will consult with me extensively on more detailed requirements:
    • The build will fit into a single 60 x 60 x 256 Residence.
    • Will be replicated on 9-10 servers (eventually...)
    • I can build it, I just need a design/schematic, something to work from.
    • Ideally minimal lag (which is mostly irrelevant from a cosmetic design perspective, but keep redstone minimal).
    • Unique, boldly stands out from any other builds, does not have to replicate a real life structure. This is minecraft, gravity doesn't exist, do whatever works.
    • The build will have a long list of contents and services, a lot to fit into a single Res space, so the build contents will take up pretty much the entire res
    The build will contain shops selling almost every item in the game:
    • All building blocks, crafted blocks, food, every block with an ID.
    • Bulk buy/sell of high demand raw materials.
    • Potions and brewing gear/ingredients + Auto brewing (implementation depends on build design)
    • Horses of all styles and stats, and horse related stuff
    • Wide range of enchanted books and gear + utilities and enchanting services.
    • EMC Custom gear, Promos and heads.
    • Player written books (creative, guides, informational)
    Build will also contain Public Services:
    • Enchanter, Crafting, Repairing, etc.
    • Info, Links and teleports to other public farms & services, to forum threads on player run services.
    • Fishing hole, Recreation, food, generally relaxing area.
    Build will also contain Gambling and entertainment:
    • Multiple Gambling games
    • Entertainment
    I'm not even sure this will all be possible, may have to cut down on some things. I already have some redstone designs and layout of some areas sorted out. But putting it all together will depend on the outer Building design. This will be a big design project. Would suit someone who is genuinely interested in taking it on as a challenge, not just the money. I'm happy to credit the Designer for this. It would help if I could see previous builds you've done.

    NB: When the design and build is near complete. I will also be lining up suppliers or subcontracting specialty sections to players to manage. But now is too early to do that. :)

    Either contact me via Convo, or post questions and applications in the thread. Please only serious offers. I anticipate this design project may take weeks/month to complete.