Paying to use a xp grinder!

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  1. Hello everyone, please reply if you have an xp grinder. I want to hire it, so if you are intersted start a private discussion. We can negociate about a price.

    My home is in smp4, so i DONT want a xp grinder in that server :)
  2. Please answer, i am willing to pay 500-1000r a week, if you think this is too less, please tell me!
  3. Plase reply, i really, really want to use an xpgrinder....
  4. i know where an xp grinder is but i will have to talk to the owners to see if poeple can hire it. :D
  5. Can you give me the name of the owners?
  6. Frodomann1 and alex626av
  7. im sorry man but i would trust u with my xp grinder
  8. i would let u use mine free but it got griefed.