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  1. So I found a blaze spawner in the nether and I want someone to set it up for me.

    REQ: Supporter, and 2 separate players pming me personally and saying you are trusworthy.

    Details: I will be supplying means of transportation i.e. Rails, Boats, Portals, and protection while you are building the spawner.

    PAYMENT: Negotiable as long as under 10k
  2. AlexChance is good with spawners.
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  3. They might reset worlds after 1.3/1.2.6 so don't make it.
  4. Thank goodness I haven't made a grinder yet
  5. I said under 10k, AlexChance will cost me around 11k
  6. Ah ok. How am I meant to know that?
  7. Well you recommended someone with previously listed prices, but never mind lets just forget about it
  8. Terr, if you have materials Alex will set it up for 8k.
  9. If you wont be paying to become iron it will be waste of time since you posted this people will find you on live map and grief ...
  10. I've been to grinders and I'm not a Supporter and they haven't been griefed.
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  11. Did you let everyone know that you had a blaze grinder beforehand?
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  12. lucky
  13. They problary are now
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  14. nyahh no there wont be a 1.2.6. too much has been added to go back.
    but you have a point! the only problem is with this theory why ever build in the wild?
  15. Nope. I didn't go all over forums "ZOMG GUISE I HAZ A GRINDER!!!!!11!!", What server it was on or anything.
    Way to be positive Mr. Leaving Forever and Oleyy.
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  16. I laughed so hard I snorted at that. :/

    As 333' said, with ALL materials supplied I can do it for 8k.
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  17. Ooooh Sorry didn't see that in the thread, I'll start a PM.

    Mods please close this thread down

    Those greifers can have fun going out 4k blocks and then finding the entrance.
  18. Dude trust me... they will go out of their way to grief your stuff. I had a base in SMP5 before the reset about 5k blocks away from the south outpost and I was still not a supporter. They typically griefed everything they could, couldn't do anything about it. Don't always think that "its good enough" you always have to think "it has to be better". Just saying, griefers are like mosquitoes in the summer.
  19. Let's look at pandaseatramen 24/7 at the live map! :p
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  20. I love how everyone is talking on Alex's behalf :p
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