[Paying someone to sort some chests.]

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  1. I am looking for a player to sort my chests and build a small little area to have all my sorted items at kinda like this:
    (chests would all be supplied as well as tools etc)
    Now this is a picture of that a chest of mine normally looks like:
    And this is all the chests you would need to sort.....

    1. At least 300 days on EMC
    2. Trusted Member!
    3. See #s 1 and 2!

    Ok so now to the good part:
    I would love for this to be done in a weeks time and also pay would be discussed.
  2. Depends on what server, other than that, I'll do it!
  3. this is litterally my favorite thing to do, ocd makes me do it
    edit: however i dont fit your requirements quite yet (im only a few points away from being a trusted member i think)
  4. It is on Utopia

    but bite, i know you as a trusted member lol. Not someone who would steal my stuff :p If you want the job ill more than likely hire you.
  5. :O ive been looking for something like this to do during the evening lol puts me in an exploratory mood when i finish
  6. Inventory Tweaks always makes this job a lot easier :)
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  7. Forge hates me :p

    Also guys, bitemenow has started working. Thanks for interest in helping me! :D
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  8. Ok, I need to come more famous apprentlty
  9. I should get this Inventory Tweaks. Your "unorganized" chests look fantastic compared to mine. Amused! Bitemenow, when you're done...
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  10. i can build an item sorter
  11. 1.400+ days
    2. done
  12. Thats what I was going to say.
  13. i can make a really simole easy to use item sorter that theoreticly can be as big as you want
  14. but its only my 202 day
  15. I'm OCD with very few things... Main thing is.... I forget, I'll remember when I do it :p
  16. My goodnes, i'm an organazition freak!
    I'd love to do this for FREE!
    If the job is still avaible
    Even though i've been on 180 days :(
  17. There's this wonderful thing called an edit button.
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  18. Just thought I would point out a comment I made up there, but really, thanks for the interest.