Paying 10000R for someone to build me a mansion on SMP4.

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  1. Requirements:
    • Must have a mansion (so I can see what mine is going to look like]
    • You bring the materials, thats why im paying so much
    • Must compleat it for full paymedt [i'll pay as its being built]
    • Message me in game or below your lot num with your mansion on it
    • I do have 60K, ask a mod if you dont belive me
    • THANKS -3g3g3g3
  2. Can i send you screenshots from my creative mode?
  3. Ask Scarligmione. :p He builds good mansion.
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  4. shush crazy i want teh moneyz
  5. Thanks, can you tell him about this to see if hes interested?
  6. Yea shure! :D
  7. Cool i will post them tomorrow
  8. K
  9. i think i may apply, but i would need a mansion.....
  10. Umm. 1178? I think its reasonable :p
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  11. To see what Scarligmione builds, just "/v tiktock247" on SMP3
    Very neat. :)
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  12. 1178 is pretty awesome! I was gonna suggest you, but I didn't know if the price was right ;) Your mansion is prolly worth way more than that!
  13. How big does the mansion need to be? I have several in my creative mode that I can take pics of.
  14. Umm at most 60X60, but I would like it to take up most of the lot.
  15. I have a parkour tower if you are interested. 8588