Pay to Open Door (Working 1.5.2)

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  1. Hello there, I have built a system that if you buy 64 dirt, it will output a redstone signal for 25.6 seconds. You can configure this to push a piston that makes a beacon a 4 layer instead of a 3 layers so you could buy Haste II for 25.6 seconds. You can adjust how long it outputs a redstone signal with this:
    2.5 Items = 1 Second | 64 Items = 25.6 Seconds

    And adjust the chestshop sign with the Items amount.

    Location: 730 SMP1 (Come here to see it in a better form)
    This is my design and no one has the right to claim it as theirs and/or put it in a youtube video without giving credit to me/my channel
    Explanation Video (coming soon):
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  2. Eklektoi already made a shop that harvests a farm that uses this design i think...
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  3. And I think randomzh uses this for his stone gen (to buy haste II) ...
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  4. not this exact design.
  5. Le shrugs yo
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  6. Advice; you could hook up the shop pulse to trigger an inverter which hooks up to an AND gate. Then have it trigger a LOT of repeaters on the side to trigger the same AND gate (turning off the initial pulse). The AND gate can be triggered to the pyramid piston that will be pushed in place for as long as the repeaters haven't completed yet.

    With that setup the length of the pulse can be configured by the length of the repeaters rather than having to rework the whole pulse lengthener. Plus that can also be compatible with any amount of items and not just 64
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  7. The tone of this post confuses me...
    Is it to show off your design, or simply to say "Hey, I made this! (Circuit copyrighted 2013, Jeanzl)"?
    I certainly respect the accomplishment, I'm rather a fan of redstone myself (pay me a visit on SMP8 sometime, seriously), but going out of your way to say "this is my design, do not claim as your own" just strikes me as... well, not petty exactly, but somewhat confrontational.

    To put it another way:
    I have a 9-button combination-lock as my vault door. Not only is the decoder customizable - making it a snap to change the sequence - but it includes an independent 3-light indicator which illuminates for each button press and resets on wrong combo. Aside from the system for isolating each button press off the pad, it's entirely my own system and I'm rather proud of it. I enjoy showing people the guts, if only to see their "wow that's a lot of redstone" reaction. ;)
    But I'm not about to step in and say "My design, do not copy / redistribute, etc" because without a number of other redstone creations before mine, without the previous combination locks I studied to make it work, mine could not exist. My knowledge is built on those who tried it before me, and I fully expect someone else will further improve upon it.
  8. Not only that but theres already many other creations like this on youtube. I mean something like this I can easily make but I didn't feel like making it so :p. Btw, Redstone4life
  9. + this is all easilly possible with the shop sign connected to
    I don't see how it could be virtually 'copyrighted' when it's fairly easy to make and I'm sure many people have designed this before.

    Even if it was some sort of computer that he made, this is still Minecraft..
  10. Well you know, I'm proud of what I made and I would like it if someone didn't claim my work as theirs so incase someone did, I could say that it's right there.
  11. Well then again, it's minecraft. Somebody could very well come up with the exact same design as yours.
  12. Yea, I agree with both Kephras and Dudelol. It is a nice design, however, it is rude to say copyrighted@2013 The Jeanzl (why is that linked...?) because the minecraft community is about sharing new ideas, inventions, and new builds. With this, you are just showing us, but, you aren't letting us build it for our selves, which should not happen.
    I am an avid redstoner. I have created a few adventure maps myself based off of many, many redstone machines, traslander magic, world edit, etc, etc. :p
  13. In fact, I could bet that, in the past, somebody already has done.
  14. I found this great design of a monostable circuit that works by keep an iron door open, until you go through it. Very small and compact, but, it is easy to make in a sell shop.
  15. I'm allowing people to build it, it should only be a problem if you build the exact same design and claim the design as 100% yours.