Pat's 315th day! Ask me questions!

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  1. Hello people,

    I'm Pateraterick, and im here to take more questions about myself!
  2. Hi..... Is your name Patrick?
  3. Nah.... My name is a sercet!
  4. I use read and watch Nartuo as well! Except i like Master Perv
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  5. Here's a question, what's the most awkward moment you've ever been in.
  6. Are you a Human?
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  7. What is ur fave rainbow?
    Do you think I'm cool?
    How Mitch swag you got?
    Do you hate typing from phone?
  8. Have you ever met a alien?
  9. I that you in your profile picture?
  10. Have you ever been on an eating competiton? :p