Pateraterick's 285th day, 955th post, 145th like and team "leaving" infomations.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pateraterick, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. As many of you may aware, today is my 285th day on this server.
    I am very glad that I am able to be one of the oldest players remained on EMC.
    But sadly, I am having plans on making one of my own server/s (I've raised enough money by
    stopped donating to EMC 6 months ago :)). And i will be away for the next couple of weeks,
    as I will be visiting my grand-families, cousins, my future minecraft business partners in China.
    I maybe announcing my leaving giveaway soon, so keep up with me by replying below :).

    I will like to thank the following people for helping and supporting me:


    Btw, please don't like this post, i like the 5 on the end of "145" :p.

    Pateraterick Out!
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  2. I hate it when people leave. But you will be back, they all come back eventually.
  3. Oops! Did I like that post? xD

    Sad to see ya go my friend! :(
  4. Really!? Not if i get myself banned!
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  5. Bah.
    [Insert appropriate meme here] :p
  6. I wouldn't ban my self when I leave... don't get yourself purposely banned.
  7. Exactly, I've met plently of players who were like; "I might get myself banned because I wanna leave the server"
    And I'm thinking really? Instead of leaving normally, you going to get banned. Really?
  8. Getting banned is the shameful way of "leaving."

  9. Instead of being remembered as a good member, you will just be that guy who chucked it all away and got banned for no good reason.
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  10. Like Copherfield, that lousy...
  11. Yep. :/
    Who's that? I don't remember no Copherfield? Hmm, must be a mistake. I don't think he was ever a member of this community. ;)
  12. I see what you did there...
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  13. He owes me 12k :/
  14. Instead of Copherfield, lets call him.....
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  15. You had a pretty epic res on smp2, sad to see another community member go.