Passive mobs are re spawning too often

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  1. When we were 1.7, I would stand at my gold farm and watch pigmen fall to their death by the droves. The entc would usually run around 120 monsters, and 10 to 20 animals.
    since the update, passive mobs outnumber the pigmen? My entc has been steady at 60 to 100 passive mobs continuously, regardless of how many of them I kill. It seems the farm animals re spawn faster than I can kill them.
    I'm not sure if spawn rates were changed, or spawning requirments, but I have chickens, rabbits, cows and pigs spawning as fast as I can kill them.
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  2. Gonna bump this, can anyone tell me if this is a bug, or will this be the new normal spawning?
    Also, it's in a forest flower biome, not sure if rabbits should be spawning there at all?
  3. I don't know the bug but I have been experiencing the same thing at the smp3 gold farm (zombie pigmen)....sorry for not helping =P
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  4. I fixed it by my difficulty it helps but it's not super there are still passive mods
  5. I have been clearing a lot of land for a future squid farm and rates of passive mob spawns is crazy too. Entity count is always around 150-200 with 1/3 of it usually being passive mobs which is a bit funky in comparison to what it normally is... I don't know what is causing this though if you want to stop animals from spawning almost completely you could slab the ground 64 blocks in each direction and/or drain any nearby lakes or oceans. Doing so will cut out almost if not all animals and squids out the entc.
  6. I really don't mind that much, I can clear a small bit of land to help pretty easily. Just was curious if I was the only one experiencing this, and if it is an intended change.