Passed my secondary school :P

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  1. Idk why I post this but I just wanted you guys to know :D:D
  2. Congratulations. What are your plans now? Taking a break, working or going straight onto tertiary?
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  3. Im going to a higher level (you have basically 3 levels in secondary education, and I'm going to the 3th). The 3th level is translated in English as pre-university.
  4. *3rd.
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  5. Congratulations. The pursuit of knowledge is always a great thing.
  6. Just wanted to repost this ;) (I know I fail at gray text)
  7. Congratulations buddy :)
  8. Is it middle school or high school? Good job anyhow.
  9. We have primary school (de basisschool)(basic knownledge, age 4-12 on average) and the secondary school (de middelbare school)(more knownledge, age 12-17 on average) and then university (specific knownledge)

    We have levels in secondary school : vmbo kader, vmbo basis, vmbo, havo, vwo
    I have ended havo and I will continue with vwo (max. 2 years).
    Lol, you've learned something about the Dutch education system :D, excuse me, I'm going to eat some pie.
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  10. I just passed my "Havo" too :) Next year up to HBO.
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  11. Nice :D, congratz :p, which direction?
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  12. Management
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