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  1. Are you having a party, and need somebody to help you plan it, or need a residence to have it on? Well, now you do! I am starting a brand new thing were I let people have parties on my second residence! All the information will be in this thread, and in two comments. Enjoy reading, and I hope you plan a party!

    Drop Parties, Games, Etc.
    Are you going to have a drop party, or have any games? Well, tell me! The drop party area is currently being built. If you are not going to have a drop party, that area will be covered up. We are not destroying it. The games and everything have already been set up/are being built. The games will be...:
    • Ice-Skating
    • Hide and Go Seek
    • Swimming
    • Race
    • Maze
    Party Room
    There will be a party room for the cake, and everything. There will be seats, food, cake, and much more to offer. The room will be underground since all the games and fun stuff will be above. There will be a teleport to get down, and to get back up, there will be a teleport.

    Residence Welcome
    Since I am a Diamond Supporter, I can change the welcome to my residence. I will change the welcome to my residence once I know who is doing the party, and everything.

    Since it is going to be a lot to handle, I am also doing jobs. Every day you help out you will get 5,000 rupees. Currently, we are only looking for 5 people to help out. So the first 5 people who fill out this form, and do a good job will get hired. (

    The Jobs Are...:
    • Party Planner
    • Builder Helper
    • Redstone Helper
    • Rupees, Gifts, Etc.
    • Advertiser
    You will each get one of the jobs above. Information about the jobs is here:

    Somebody will be advertising your party to the people on EMC. You will have to pay them, though. To have an advertiser you need to pay the person 3,000 rupees an hour. If you do not, you will not have an advertiser.

    Party Date
    When you have a party, HelloKittyRo needs to be able to attend the party to supervise everything. If the date will not work for Ro, you will need to set up a different date private messaging Ro the details of what you want for your party, and more.

    Admin Privallges
    You will get Admin at your party since you are the host. You have to be a trusted member in order to get Admin to run your party. All the games, and everything on the residence will be run by Ro. You will run the party.

    Spawn will say the events, and the times of the events. The party can be a limit of 1 hour. If it is more then one hour, you will need to pay Ro 3,000 rupees so the party can continue. Spawn will say all the details, who's having the party, the events and their times, when we will get eat, and when the party ends. You will decide when the party events start, and when they end, you will decide all of the times for everything.

    More Info in the Comments
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  2. Job Information:
    Party Planner
    Party Planner is when you help the Owner out with the party, and games, and stuff like that. You will need to be there when the party is going.

    Builder Helper
    When I start building, you will need to help me build the residence. You do not have to be there at the party, but you can if you'd like too.

    Redstone Helper
    You will help out with the redstone for the party. Yes, you do need to be at the party when it is happening.

    Rupees, Gifts, Etc.
    You will be good with the donations, rupees, gifts, and much more, You need to be there at the beginning of the party, then you can leave.

    You will advertise for the party. You only need to advertise, and then when the party starts, you may leave.

    Remember, I will pick the job you want, unless you get the job you want cause you did so well.

    This is totally free! No money cost! For a few things you might have to pay, but the rest is completely free!

    Private Messaging
    Once you have filled out the form, you will need to private message Ro. If you would not like to fill out the form, and just private message Ro, then that is okay. She will ask you different questions, and help you out. Ro will respond to any messages about this residence. Just title the conversation "PartyRes" so she knows what you're talking about.
    PS: Incase you guys did not know, the residence is under construction. It'll be open July 4th, 2016. Sorry! You are aloud to preview the residence though, and still plan parties. We are very sorry for the long building wait.
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  4. i submitted a application
  5. I moved this to the Products, Businesses and Services :) it is the proper place to have been posted since it is a service! Good luck btw!
  6. Thank you.
    I was confused on were to put it. Thanks for putting it in the right place for me, and thanks!
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  7. When will i know if i got the job
  8. I already private messaged you with the details.
  9. Just to point out... it is not brand new thing as I know many who had this 3 years ago....

    Would also suggest maybe having special offers during special days and all...
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  10. Nice idea, also I did not know. But I like what I have.
  11. Maybe hosting parties yourself also on days like valentines and that stuff...
  12. Yes. I will use the residence for myself, too.
  13. Sorry. But BUMP BUMP!