[PARTY] Late-ish Valentine's Day Party!! <3

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  1. Hey, Empire!

    So Valentine's Day is coming up :p on February 14th, this Friday! I like having celebrations for pretty much anything and everything, so of course I couldn't miss the opportunity to throw a party for this one.

    But the sad thing is, I'm pretty busy this Valentine's Day. That doesn't mean I can't celebrate a Valentine's Day party, even if I can't celebrate on the actual day. So...

    What: Valentine's Day Party!

    Who: It's for you guys, which means anyone who wants to come. It's going to be run by me, minecraftgirl30, and possibly a few more friends.

    When: February 15th 2014, Saturday. Sorry ;).

    Times (Ask below for more times):
    - Pacific Time (U.S.): 10:00 am
    - Mountain Time (U.S.): 11:00 am
    - Central Time (U.S.): 12:00 pm; noon
    - Eastern Time (U.S.): 1:00 pm
    - General England Time: 6:00 pm

    Where: ThePieNinja3000's residence on Smp1, 756. Do /v 756

    Cost: Costs 0 rupees! No payment is necessary. Donations are gratefully accepted.

    So yeah! There will be free food, drop parties, a pool area, parkour, a few firework shows, and free flowers! What more could you ask for?

    "Flower bouquets" (all different types of flowers) will be sold for a great price of 20 rupees each! One will be sold to each person at most.
    "Boxes of candy" (Sugar, Cookies, and Cocoa Beans) will be sold for 15 rupees each. Awesome price.

    In the comments below, tell me what you want throughout the party! I'll do my best to add it. Tell me if you can make it -- I'd love to know ;).

    Donations, like I said, are gratefully accepted; however, payments of rupees are not necessary.

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  2. Sounds cool :)
    Hope I can make, I have IRL plans that day >.>
  3. Haha, thanks. Beats my current plans for valentines day of watching doctor who in pajama's with a bag of chips by a long shot.
  4. Sounds cool actually :p
    I'd love to come but I already have things going on Saturday
    Hope everyone has fun anyway!
  5. aw :( maybe I can change the day, 'cause people seem to be busy...

    would sunday, February 16th work better for anyone?
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  6. Friday the 14th will be my "ask the crush tot be my girlfriend-day" for lack of a better word. :p
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  7. Nice... Good luck :p
  8. ... This whole week-end. I won't be on. 10 hour car ride and movies and the mall.
  9. sorry to hear that . . .
  10. Theres nothing wrong with watching doctor who in your PJ's! :D
  11. I would agree that Sunday works better for more people although if you want to get it over with, you could just keep the times.