[PARTY] Happy Halloween!

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Trick or Treat?!

Trick 10 vote(s) 47.6%
Treat 11 vote(s) 52.4%

    As All You Guys Know, Halloween Is Almost Here So Its Time To Get Your Costumes and Have Fun!
    In Celebration To This Holiday I Will Be Throwing A Halloween Party!
    There Will Be 2 Parts To This Event Each Part Holding 2 Events :3

    -Part 1-
    1st Event-Scavenger Hunt:
    For the first event of part 1 I will be hosting a small scavenger hunt at my res ( /v +Sparta ). There are 10 hidden chests around my res, most are in plain sight and a few are hidden very well :3 Inside these chests are promos and cool items! Don't even think about trying to get to the chests early cause res move is false ;)

    2nd Event-Halloween Book Of Names:
    For this event I will hand out a book&quil to someone on the res and that person will sign there name then pass it to another person. Once all people here sign there name on the book I will sign the actual book so it can not be edited anymore. I will place the book in an item frame on my res then so everyone can see the book and remember the party :D

    30 min wait in between parts

    -Part 2-
    1st Event-Trivia:
    For this event everyone shall gather in the Halloween bucket at /v +Halloween and we shall do trivia, it will consist of 10 questions all based on Halloween. The first person to get the correct answer will be able to pick 1 chest out of 10 chests that each have a prize in it. All the prizes are good, some are better than others but there still nice :3 After that chest is picked the person will get the prize in the chest and the chest will be eliminated leaving 1 less chest than before for the winner to pick from.

    2nd Event-Drop Party:
    For this final event we will gather in the middle of the Halloween res under the drop thingy XD and I shall shower you all with goodies!! There will be random items, promos, heads, and more!

    It Would Be Very Generous Of You If You Could Donate Items To The Drop Party, The Donation Chest Is At The Spawn of /v +Halloween

    Where- For Part One: /v +Sparta on smp8

    For Part Two: /v +Halloween on smp8

    When- October 16th ( Sunday ), Times of each event are posted above, first event starts at 1:00pm
    -Date May Change Due To In Real Life Schedule-

    What- Halloween Party, Woop!!

    Why- Why not? ITS FUN

    Have fun on Halloween and Remember Stay Safe!
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  2. I won't be unbanned before the 16th, so, I won't be able to make it.
  3. Donations Are Kindly Expected At The Spawn of /v +Halloween ;)
  4. BUMP!

    If you will be attending dont be afraid of commenting you are :p

    Donations for Drop Party are accepted at the spawn of /v +Halloween
  5. Sounds fun! Can't wait
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  6. *cheats cos I know where the scav chests are* nah lol. I might come to the other bits of it and just kind of hover during the scav hunt :p
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  7. I'll see if I can make it.
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  8. I will try to come
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  9. Nice event! ill try to go
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  10. Happy Halloween! Let's hope you can avoid the skeletons...

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  11. BUMP!

    The Halloween Party Is In A Few Days!
    Drop Party Donations Are Happily Accepted At /v +Halloween

    Get Ready For The Halloween Party, It Will Be Here Soon!
    Drop Party Donations Are Happily Accepted at /v +Halloween


  13. BUMP!

    Its a' coming soon! The Halloween Party Is Tomorrow and it starts at 1pm!
    Donations Are Generous, There is a Donation Chest at /v +Halloween
    Reminder there will be 2 parts each holding 2 events!:
    PART 1:
    Scavenger Hunt
    Book of Names

    PART 2:
    Drop Party

    I Hope You Enjoy The Party Tomorrow and Remember Always Be Safe on Halloween!
  14. I threw something extra special into the drop party that ik you all probably want, its a............ELYTRA!!!! :p Hope your the lucky person to get it and other awesome promos and items!
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  15. This looks really cool, I'm definitely coming if I'm on at the time.
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