[Party at smp8]SteveClasher's Birthday 19/02/15

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Do you think you can come to my party?

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Why not there is free stuff. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yeah happy birthday :) 6 vote(s) 75.0%
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I can'tdamn you real life events !!! Anyway happy birthday bud. 2 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Hi everyone, you might not know me but my birthday is comming soon so I decided to make a party at my 2nd res on smp8. I hope a lot of poeple will come ! It will be the 20th since school might stop me from doing it (damn you homeworks !!!) .

    Anyway here is what is going to happen at my birthday party :

    -Winner of the draw for the ultimate begginer kit : 2015-02-15_11.04.02.png at 5h pm emc time*

    -Economie breaker party ! if the cake chests are full : 2015-02-15_11.07.14.png at 6h pm emc time*


    -PvP fight VS me and my team on smp6 for endless fun ! at 7h pm emc time*

    -Finally the last and not the least is a drop party !!! 8h pm emc time*

    Details :
    - The drop party drops some valuable items, but economie breaker has way better stuff.
    - The contest for the Ultimate begginer kit will be post here.
    - You can look at the party room or the kit at my 2nd res on smp8. You can also donate cake or other stuff if you want.
    - If the cake chests are not full then the economie breaker will be less valuable or might not even happen.

    *If economie breaker is cancelled, hours will be ajusted.

    If there is grammar errors feel free to point them it will help thx.
  2. For the Ultimate begginer kit, the winner will be decided by drawing. I'm going to draw with this site https://www.random.org/ . 10 of the 25 names there is in the contest (if there is less that 25 then more chances for all players but the max is 25). after im going to put the 10 names in order (exemple if there is 1 2 4 5 7 8 10 11 24 , 1 will become 1 2 will become 2 and ect). After im going to do a draw from those 10 and the one who get picked wins, I'l announce the winner here.

    To enter it's simple, you just need to say the number you want and I'll write your name down.

    Here are the 25 places :
    4.OLDMANWILLIKERS3 passed first , second WON THE ULTIMATE KIT
    7.Optimus_Predator passed first , second 4th
    9.Defne_The_Boss passed first lost second
    11.PinappleGem lost first
    13. moneyman8201 passed first lost second
    15.RAWboss15 passed first , second 5th
    17.khixan lost first
    18.Dj_Krazy passed first lost second
    19.tuqueque passed first , second 2nd
    20.nfell2009 passed first lost second
    21.Ocelotawesome passed first , second 3rd
    22.BabyCreepersRules passed first lost second
  3. 9
    Edit: Happy Birthday :D
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  4. thx Defne :)
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  5. Happy birthday buddy! What date is your birthday?

    Can I have 20 please :)
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  6. sure thx its the 19, very soon :)
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  7. 4 happy birthday keep on going
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  8. Mine's the day after :eek:
  9. loool happy bday to you too then :p
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  10. 18, happy B-day...
  11. 11 - Happy (early) birthday! :)

    EDIT: I will donate some cake; been waiting for a use of my double chest of cake!
  12. Happy birthday!
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  13. thx guys ! you dont want a number khix?
  14. derp a derp! lol :D I spaced, but I wrote the important part, thanks
    1987 was a great year, and I was 17 that year, so 17
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  15. Happy Bday! #19 please! or 24 if 19 isn't available
  16. thx 19 is still available for you tuque
  17. the time for inscription of the draw is over 11 players are on
  18. 22 please :)