[PARTY] 4th of July/Summer Party! (Free admission!)

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  1. -2,000 rupees in prizes at the drop party!-

    Hey guys, it's me again!
    So summer has begun for a lot of people, and that's worth celebrating.
    That's why SheBomb and I are hosting a 4th of July/Summer party for you guys! There'll be games, drop parties, parkour, spleef, fireworks, food, and more, all on one residence! Here's some details:

    What: A party to celebrate the Fourth of July and Summer!
    Where: 1290, ThePieNinja3000's residence on SMP1
    When: July 4th and 5th, all day*

    I know that not everyone in the world celebrates the Fourth of July, since it's an American thing. That's why it's also a summer celebration in general. If it's not summer for you, I'm really sorry! Feel free to still come and celebrate with us.

    Here's some events and other things that will be included:

    - Spleef**
    - parkour
    - sugarcane maze challenge
    - SandRun (try not to fall as the ground below you is collapsing!)**
    - pig racing**
    - drop parties: 2,000 rupees in prizes!
    - firework show
    - blind bidding**
    - pool access
    - restaurants**

    If you have any event/game/other ideas of things that we should include in the party, please leave a comment below!
    Many of the funds received will be going towards the construction of my future hotel @ 2634.
    I hope you guys can make it! If you have any questions, leave them below or private message me!
    Happy Summer!

    *These events are not held all-day. They will be open periodically when SheBomb or I are online. (Sorry, we can't be on all day!)
    **These things will cost some money. They will not be open all day.