[PARTY] 200th Day Drop Party!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by ILTG, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Hello, all! This event will take place in about 45 days, on August 2nd.

    Visit the party at SMP4, 8039, and for part two, 8038!

    I will dispense some gems (Diamonds, Iron Ingots, Gold Nuggets, Emeralds).

    I will also dispense building blocks (Wood Planks, CobbleStone, Stone, etc.).

    I will also dispense miscellaneous items (Torches, Signs, Fish, Other Foodstuffs).

    Please Visit!

    Thank You!

    ~Donations Accepted~
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  2. Congratz on your 200th :) when is this? was it yesterday?
  3. The date is above.
  4. Happy Early Early 200th day on EMC!!!!!:D Can't wait for the drop party!!:cool:
  5. hahaha Thanks!
  6. your 200th day is my bday :D
  7. Cool! If you wanted, we could have a 200thday/bday on smp4...
  8. :) it's ok. It's more of your day
  9. Ahh. I have two residences, side by side. It's up to you really. You brought your b-day to my attention, so I just threw it out there. Its OK if you don't want to.