[Part 2] Deathly Ends

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  1. My first attempt to write a horror story... ;) xD. I hope you guys get scared... This first part isn't that bad. I'm serious this time; this will be a short story. 3 Parts Total. Enough talk, lets start reading :D

    Mason felt as if the whole world came down. He was a eleven year old boy, full of happiness and joy. However, today was different. The first thing in the morning: funeral. No breakfast, no Legos, no play. Mason’s grandfather passed away several weeks ago. His mother was crying. He felt like crying too, yet Mason didn’t really know him. Jenny wasn’t crying either. She was Mason’s sister, only a 6 year old girl. “Mason, where’s grand-pop?”
    “Jenny, he’s” Mason stuttered. He couldn’t reveal death to a six year old child. “ in a deep sleep.” ...
    That evening, his grandfather was placed in a mausoleum, a few kilometers away from his house in Kansas. He wanted to clear his thoughts. Mason went home and started playing fetch with his dog, Sparky. In that very hour, a huge thunderstorm formed over Mason’s house and farms. Mason wasn’t paying attention. A lightning bolt cracked down in the distance and startled Sparky. The poor dog started running toward the deep forest. “Sparky! Wait! Hold Up!” Mason ran inside and told mother. She shook her head.
    “Mason, we can’t look for him now. There’s a huge storm outside. The woods are dangerous. Go to bed, honey. We can look for him in the morning."
    9pm. Mason couldn’t stop thinking about Sparky. He carefully slid open his window and slid into his family’s wheat farms. Mason called his name several times, carelessly walking into the dark forest. All was quiet, but the storm was causing lots of noise. Rain kept falling on Mason's innocent face. He walked in unknown directions, trying to find any sign of his dog. Bushes rumbled. Every second, the storm created more noise, more power, and more light flashes. Mason felt like he was walking into a trap. Then, he heard a bark. Mason turned his head, in every direction. Then, a loud yelp from the mausoleum. Mason rushed inside and saw it. Blood was spilled everywhere. Leaves scattered, branches tangled, bones crushed. The casket was open.. The floor creaked. Every step, every lightning bolt. Mason wanted to examine the casket. 5ft away... It looked like the bones were watching Mason from underneath. 4ft.... 3ft.... 2ft... 1... A loud high pitched scream broke the silence behind Mason. He stumbled into the wall. Mason saw his innocent dog transform into a creature unknown to man. Those innocent eyes of Sparky turned into violent eyes of a lion. Sparky's body twitched on the floor. More blood spilled from his mouth and eyes. A werewolf. Mason stood there in awe. Blood covered his shoes. The werewolf barked at Mason and ran out of the room. Mason saw it. The werewolf was running toward his house. 2 Creatures were out there. His grandfather's body and Sparky, now a dangerous werewolf. He had to warn his family. Mason ran, huffing and puffing.. Go to Part 2: Click HERE
  2. Ooo spooky, I like it :3
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  3. Oooo u may have a fan now
    Hurry with part two
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  4. Spoopy.
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  5. I feel like everything goes by WAY too fast. First, he wakes up to go to a funeral, and now a lightning storm? Then, the day ends.
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  6. #ShortStory :p I also put the 3 dots which means time passed...
  7. Cool Ender love it :)
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  8. I give it a mediocre out of 10 for scary factor, you can say blood as much as you want doesn't make it scary. Writing was pretty good though. But I was irked a little by how you described to werewolf came to being.
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  9. Thanks for all the critiques guys. I tried adding them to Part 2 of the story. Enjoy. The last part will come out next week, on Halloween.

    Lightning flashed in the distance. 9:35pm. Mason ran as fast as he could. His house was a few yards away. He reached for the door handle, but something was strange. Broken glass was littered on the ground, from the kitchen window. Only one conclusion: danger. He swung the door open and saw no threat, except his dad.
    “Mason? I thought you were in bed?”
    “I was-sleepwalking,” Mason said.
    Mason’s dad shook his head. “Mason, go back to bed.”
    “But- there’s a weird creature out there..”
    Dad lifted his glasses. “What now?”
    “A zombie and a werewolf and blood and glass and lightning. And”
    “Mason, it was a bad dream, go to sle-”
    “No! It was real! I saw it!”
    Mason grabbed his dad’s hand and forced him outside. The glass was gone. Was Mason really dreaming? Both of them searched around. Left. Right. Up. Down. No signs of creepy monsters. “Really Mason. Stop playing around. I’m tired.”
    “Dad! It was real!”
    “I still don’t believe in these-”
    Suddenly, zombie grandfather came out of nowhere with a chainsaw. Mason didn’t know what to do. The only reaction: scream. The buzzing noise echoed in his ears. Blood splattered on his clothes. Dad’s broken glasses crashed onto the ground. Right in front of him. Mason couldn’t watch. He ran into the door and locked it, for extra security; Mason pushed chairs and tables to reinforce the door. No use. The chainsaw destroyed everything in his path. Mason ran upstairs, tripping over tiny toys. Squishy, but not toys. Swarms of tarantulas tried to crawl up Mason’s legs. He squealed and ran faster. Onto the second floor, he crouched behind a wall. Footsteps creaked on the wooden floor. Mason looked around, taking a small lamp from a table. He threw it at the zombie. It was a success. The zombie fell down a few steps. More time. More time. His heart was racing. Too much monsters. Tarantulas. Zombies. Chainsaws. He forgot one: the werewolf. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he heard his mother’s scream and then silence. Was there safety in this world? An idea popped in his mind. He could run to the nearby town and get help. The only problem: his sister. Mason couldn’t leave her behind. He had to make a choice- a chance of death to save his sister or to get help. Mason was no hero. He jumped into his bedroom, grabbed a few supplies and leaped out of his window before the zombie broke down his door. Lightning struck again, as Mason left his sister behind.
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