parkour races, ender church and maze tower on smp8

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  1. just some nice places of mine to visit on smp8. my 4th res has the maze tower. its underground so i really cant get any good screenshots. it has 5 maze levels and a nice challenge on the 6th. though i should warn people that they will probably get lag there. i have a few.... hundred signs on the lot.

    now on my first res i have this little beauty.first off is i rarely restock the shops so dont tell me if im sold out. inside the walls of the ender church is the ender bible. and i have a few things in the church (check the podium after reading the bible) and i sell books that are based off the ender bible(i copy and paste them from my computer so just give me a writable book and i'll get you a book from my list).

    now for the races on my 3rd res. these are the parkour race courses i currently have. thses courses all have labled difficulties and have wiring so they can be started with pistons(only people i have given perms though). great place to deal with boredom or race for money. granted few people will bet on a race *loser or losers pay winner* but i am usually up for a race. as the signs may have hinted i will ban people from the res if i catch them cheating during a race. i am fine with it outside of races though. on the surface i have a few cool things. thats just some of the pixel art(i only know 2 other people so far who could name the red haired one including my brother). and i also have working chess, checkers, and connect4 boards that are easy to make(connect4 uses sand and gravel for pieces). also for those who dont know i use /res set firespread false. that means the fire wont damage anything so dont keep telling me its on fire. i put that fire in on purpose...... i have no idea how to end this post...... so umm visit some time i guess.
  2. Looks cool but you never stated a Residence Number?
    If you can't find it try /res info
  3. may sound rude but i never say residence numbers cause its my res(i stated which number each res is) and not just a number.
  4. That's some world-class pixel art.
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  5. Yeah I saw that but I find it easier to navigate using Res numbers. I am coming in now to check it out! :)
  6. I love the Parkour races I'll have to come done with some friends :)
  7. These Reses are amazing I highly recomend a visit for anyone :)
  8. I want some Hardcore Parkour Racing!