[Parkour, Hotel, Spleef, Mega Mall, Restaurant] The 2634 All-In-One

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  1. Hey everyone!
    I present to you...
    The 2634 All-In-One Residence!
    ~ Parkour, Spleef, Hotel, Mega Mall, and Restaurant ~

    The 2634 All-In-One has all a player could ever want, all in one place. Spanning over 9 floors, the residence should be complete by the Summer of 2015, with a decent number of donations. It's on Smp1, if you ever want to check it out. It's not nearly done yet, because it's pretty expensive to build. Details of each feature are listed below. Please donate and enjoy!

    The parkour will take up four floors of the building. It'll be challenging and fun, with blocks like ice, soul sand, water, ladders, and more! I'm looking for a parkour-builder who is willing to complete this task (yes, they'll be paid and materials will be supplied). The parkour will still be built, however, regardless if I find one or not. The prize for completing it includes 150 rupees every time you complete it, so yes, you can have fun with that as many times as you want. :)

    A spleef arena will take up one floor and will be frequently open! As you walk in, stone shovels will be able to be purchased for a cheap price. The floor of the spleef arena will be made out of snow, because snowballs are fun :). If you fall, you can go back to the area outside of the arena to watch the rest of the match. The prize for winning will be 100 rupees, and again, you can play as much as you want! Please note that it will not always be open, because I have a life and can't play Minecraft all day. Sad world I live in... :) jk.

    The hotel part of the building will span over 2 floors. It will contain a lot of rooms of the same size and features, including a bed, double chest, crafting table, furnace (w/ coal), tables, chairs, etc. Room service will also be available, so that you can order food and drinks and stuff... only for 20 rupees per day! Rooms will be around 35 rupees per night, which is actually reasonably cheap. :)

    Mega Mall

    The mega mall part will take up any floors it needs to... considering that I will have every item available for purchase! Like any other mega mall, I will have different sections for different types of items. All items will be sold if possible! This will probably take the longest amount of time to develop, but I'll make sure that all prices are reasonable! I'll even make the prices slightly lower than competing malls, just for you guys... :p

    The restaurant will only have to take up one floor, and that's already a pretty big restaurant. All food and drink items will be available for purchase there, including potions! You can order from a menu given to you by your waiter. All food items are 3 rupees each (there will be exceptions for things like golden apples; carrots and such will be grouped into threes), milk/water will be 2 rupees each, and potions will be 10 rupees each.

    Obviously, this project will be pretty costly. To make matters harder, for some idiotic reason I decided to build this out of quartz and cyan-stained clay blocks, which are both reasonably expensive (especially quartz blocks!). I would appreciate it so much if you guys donated! An additional floor will be dedicated to donators, as all of your guy's names will be displayed. Here's the donating scale:

    Normal Donator: Donate 1 rupee - 999 rupees and get your name displayed.
    Redstone Donator: Donate 1000 rupees - 4,999 rupees and get redstone dust monthly, your name displayed, and one free meal at the restaurant OR one free hotel room for a week.

    Gold donator: Donate 5,000 rupees - 14,999 rupees and get a gold ingot monthly, your name displayed, and two free meals at the restaurant OR one free hotel room for two weeks.
    Diamond donator: Donate 15,000 rupees or more and get a diamond monthly, your name displayed, and three free meals at the restaurant OR one free hotel room for a month.

    So if you would like to donate, please mail message me the amount you donated and send me the rupees! I'll send you back a mail message with the details. To send me mail, get a book and quill, write the message, and do: /mail send minecraftgirl30 2634 Donation

    It's free - don't worry! Also, item donations are also accepted! Just write me a mail message of how much of what item you donated, and drop the items in the hoppers at the entrance of my residence. Rewards depend on how much of which item you donated.
    Thanks so much for everyone's support! Please comment below if you have comments, questions, or suggestions!
    ~ minecraftgirl30