[ Parkour Game ] smp1, 432 cave theme

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  1. As the title says I'm creating a Parkour Game on smp1, 432.
    Currently it's still under construction and it has only two levels :)

    The setup:

    I will gladly accept donations to finish it faster. It's at the moment still closed because I don't want people to join a Parkour and then can not finish it :)
    So, give me some feedback :p
  2. Hello, Mr. Lukas3226. I am a member and representing Carthaga for project donations. Kaizimir wishes to help those in need by doing donations. May I please ask, but, what kinds of donations are you accepting, and how much of each, please?
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  3. That's very nice of you, Peolpe of Carthaga :)
    I need a lot of stone and as it is intended to look like a cave each kind of ore would be great.
    I'll gladly list you ( or your outpost ) as a donator :)
  4. Thank you. :D Everyone in Carthaga, especially Kaizimir would be very happy to have us listed as a donator. :D Thank you! <3 <D

    Also, when you say each ore, do you mean in block form?
  5. Can do. :D My neighbour, friend, ally, and buddy, (all of these names represent one person) has given me a silk touch pick. So I should be able to mine out any kinds of ores. :D Also, I can ask him to help too. X3
  6. We are currently under way with obtaining minerals from the Carthaga mine. We now have a good amount flowing in, at the moment, with some stone. I will notify you once the DC is full of items for you. :D
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  7. Hey Lukas,
    sorry for the delay. We were quite busy with internal stuff, but the good news is that there is a good amount of stacks of smooth stone and ores ready for you. It is not yet a DC, but we think it is good to hand it over to you already.
    Please come to 8097 on smp4 to find an access chest ready for you (@Sweets: Lukas has access, right? If not please let me know and I put up the sign).
    Can't wait to try your parkour ;)

    Btw: Schlaand!!!
  8. Thank you very much for all these sweet material :)
    Now I can start building again.
    If you like, you can try the very 1st two parts of it ;)
  9. The vids look really cool and we are happy with this project :)

    I'll come check it out next time I am on smp1. Just don't know when that is ;)
  10. Hello smp1 neighbor heh I checked this out yesterday and I really liked this and did some dirt donations :D can't wait till all of its is finished!
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  11. Hello, Lukas3226, and sorry for replying so late. I have been delayed off the forums for quite a long while, due to unexpected update problems for my computer, and yet they consist. Anywho, I managed to make it back on to the forums, for now, to be able to communicate with you. :)

    Anyways, I was wondering if you still need help with your project? If so, please post me back! :D