Parkour Facility for EVERYONE! SMP3

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  1. Hey guys! Jerry here with a new update on my residences! :)
    As you know on SMP3, my 2nd res will be under construction. We will have to patch up some stuff JUST in case something "fails" in the process.
    1. No block glitching, All jumps are possible
    2. No ender pearl (obviously)
    3. Do NOT use checkpoints as a key to winning
    4. Griefing ANY type of material on the res will be and temp. ban for 4 days (on res)
    5. Do not STEAL all the prizes! This is a public facility so please have manners to others who want to win
    Time Trial
    Yes I might be the FIRST person to do this :) But anyways, basic thing in TT is to go past ALL the obstacles UNDER 4 minutes (seems legit, right?) You'll get a special prize of 5 diamonds and 500r AND get your name posted on the time trial winners!
    TT Rules
    1. No ender pearl (again, pretty obvious)
    2. Do NOT block glitch (pretty much the same rule)
    3. Do not get back on! Once you fall, your trial is OVER and you lose! D:

    Yes I will be making updated versions for this map so it doesn't get too too old! :) I'll be putting in some budder parkour (maybe), water parkour, maybe more minecart parkour, and the most FURIOUS of ALL time, ladder parkour, so be prepared! Stretch those blocks cause this is gonna be a hard time!
    Res Info: SMP3, ./v jerrycusmood-2 OR my res #... I'll update this feed with my address