Parkour Blackout! (Smp5)

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  1. Hello, I have created a game called Parkour Blackout. (Just please don't steal the idea. :p) I don't have a picture or anything, but I'm just telling you about it because, well, it fits in the category and I felt like it. So, the game just started off as a few pistons pushing around cobble powered by a redstone clock. I quickly learned that Nailedz was selling redstone lamps for 20 rupees then I thought of the idea. Making the parkour game in the dark. I quickly bought all of them in stock (3) and added them to the clock, making the lights flicker and pistons pushing around blocks as a parkour puzzle. I have big thoughts for this, and I hope you check it out! By the way, I'm not even going to tell you what they are... :) Suprise! IF you wanna see it, go to Smp5, in the chat menu type "/v Tomkilz". You should then be warped in front of my shop. There is a teleport to the right of where you spawn in my residence, just go through that.
  2. Just finished Stage 2!
  3. Sounds really cool! I will have to check it out!
  4. me too!
  5. You lost me when you said "(Copyright)".
  6. I would try it, but I cant play mc cuz of my broken arm.
  7. Sorry to kill your fun, but Parkor Blackout is not registered so it is not entitled to have a copyright. You must register the name in order for it to have a copyright. Such as having an idea, you have to patent it, if not people can just steal the idea.
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  8. This was posted May 19th. No one noticed it. You bumped as of today. Amazing. Anyways, might check it out I'm not sure if I will though probably yes
  9. Yes, I know. I was just hoping people wouldn't steal the idea.
  10. Sorry. I feel really bad for you.
  11. I changed the "(Copyright)" and took it out.