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Do you parkour

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  1. I have recently created a master-piece of parkour awesomeness in my res (/v 6217) on SMP 3. I thought I would ask the people as to when I should create a parkour challenge with prizes (as well as what prizes).
    I have three courses so far (I plan on adding an "easyish" course after the event), and they are: Medium, Difficult, and Insanely Hard (Really, it should be: hard, harder, and hardest, but I'll stick with those for now.).
    What prizes should there be for each - please be reasonable and don't do promos;
    But I will do my best to provide a reasonable prize for each of the difficulties (I probably will only be able to do one or two prizes per course depending on the cost of them.). So, remember to post both date it should be held and potential prizes for each course.
  2. How about some renamed and enchanted boots?
  3. For which parkour course, how many, would it just be boots or other things as well?
  4. Well my idea is that you have one for each course for the easiest they could be something like bunny hoppers, then for the middle one it could be kangaroo jumpers, then for the hardest one flying fighter jets. Then you could do something like make the lower boots iron, middle gold, and final diamond. Then you could enchant them and throw in some other items. But it's up to you, that's just my opinion.
  5. I see where you are going with this: Parkour skill = awesome boots, but I feel as if gold should be the lowest due to its terrible lasting ability, then iron, then diamond. I also think other items should be included fo' sho.'
  6. I'm saying gold should be the middle because it is considered to be more valuable than iron even though iron is more practical. Gold shows status. But you do whatever you feel is right because it's your event.
  7. You could also throw in some ruppees, I'd be happy to donate some.
  8. Yes, of course I'll throw in some rupees. I was thinking of 2k for medium, 3k for hard, and 5k+ for Insanely Hard.
    If you donate, I'll create a wall on my residence for donation people/winners/just to be awesome as well as the amount given (all donations will go to the event).
    Ehh... Fine, I'll stick with status and give them as you say, but I think I might give them two boots or something.
    When do you think would be a good time?
  9. Bumpity, Doo!