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Is this a great idea? Do you support it?

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  1. Hello everybody,

    Whenever I see a new player join, most likely they would ask the fellow members of Empire Minecraft. Who has a Parkour map? I would always try to give them as much information as possible since we dont have a official " Parkour Map ".

    Most players just have a small, little fun parkour track. Which isnt time consuming.
    So i've thought I would make a project..

    Parkour Adventure Maps

    What is this about?

    I'll be making big Parkour maps for everybody to have fun, and enjoy.
    This will include different kinds of maps you may choose from. Prison breakout to escape broken building, random parkour or just redstone powered.

    Where will this be made?

    This Parkour Arena will be made on :

    SMP 1
    This arena will include 4 residences filled with Parkour and Adventure.

    How big will these Parkour Adventure Maps be?

    I will be using 4 full residences, bedrock all the way up to sky top.

    How to help :

    I only have 2 residences ready to be built on. But i'll need 4.. this is your time to help me out.

    Residence : 2154 [ Claimed by : CampofDuty - Ready to use - ]
    Residence : 2358 [ Claimed by : Hawks008 - Ready to use - ]

    Residence 2357 [ Claimed by : Coco_bueno - Ready to use - ]
    Residence 2153 [ Claimed by Qwertyip - Not ready to use - ]

    Residence 2357 and 2153 is claimed by other players. These players haven't been online for 10+ days.

    These residences will be unclaimed soon, if your willing to claim one of these lands. And give me all perms. I'd really appreciate that.

    Please start a conversation with me, comment down below if your willing to sacrifice a residence for this project.

    Include these infomation :

    Name :
    Been banned? :
    Why have you been banned? :
    Are you trustworthy? :
    Why are you interested in this project? :

    Donations :

    Donations are accepted, rupees or blocks. You are not forced to donate, its your choice!

    Digging :

    Once all residences are claimed, ready to use. These 4 residences will have build for every single player. I'll need help digging out these residences.

    Payment :

    These maps will be free for every single player.

    [ TNT will be allowed to demolish the dirt ! ]

    Thank you all for helping and participating!
    Hope you enjoy the idea and please support if you do!


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  2. I may be able to help you out.. but I'll let you know in 3 days
  3. Alright sounds great! Thanks a ton ;)
  4. Sorry to rain on this, but;
    Scenario; one of the players goes derelict and the res could then be reclaimed.
    Then what happens?
  5. No idea. Haven't thought about that.. lets just hope that doesnt happen.. ;)
  6. If I dont get all the residence i'll create it with 2 residences.. I guess its good enough.
  7. Waiting for someone's derelict but I'll let ya know
  8. 2154 has open perms! Need a lot of peoples help to dig! I've gotten loads of helpful players !
  9. Wow this sounds like quite a time consuming but yet spectacular project!
  10. Thank you, were almost done digging out 2154! After that, we'll head on over to hawks008's residence. Also be needing 2 more residences.. hope I find the right players.. ;)
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  11. Wow you've already dug out an entire res?!? :eek: You must be as productive this is amazing :D
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  12. Thank you! Heh, we are moving to hawks008 residence. Also special thanks to Qwerty, hes gonna claim one of the residences
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  13. I think it is a great idea but the problem is if the members owning the res not being a supporter... That means that they will not get the full authority to build what they want... So No/Yes
  14. Thanks to Coco_Bueno for helping me and claiming 2357!

    Thanks to Qwertyip for helping and gonna be claiming 2153!

    Thanks for helping and participating
  15. Are you done?
  16. Long project my friend :)
  17. Witch res?
  18. Residences 2154,2153,2357,2358
  19. so you no longer need anyone?