Paraguayan War

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  1. It caused approximately 400,000 deaths, one of the highest ratios of fatalities to combatants of any war in South America in modern history

    A average total of 300000 Paraguayan soldiers and civilians were murdered

    A average total of 100000 Uruguayan, Argentinian, and Brazilian soldiers and civilians were murdered

    Results of the war

    Paraguay suffered the downfall of its government, loss of territories, and huge population losses and property damage. These resulted in an economic crisis. For years after the war, Paraguayan development was slow. Some sources claim it lost nearly 69% of the population, but recent study claims it was nearer 30%.

    In Brazil the war exposed the fragility of the Empire, and dissociated the monarchy with the army. The Brazilian army became a new and influential force in national life. It developed as a strong national institution that, with the war, gained tradition and internal cohesion. The Army would take a significant role in the later development of the history of the country. Nearly 50,000 deaths resulted, most by sickness and the harsh climate.

    Following the war, Argentina faced many federalist revolts against the national government. Economically it benefitted from having sold supplies to the Brazilian army, but the war overall decreased the national treasure. The national action contributed to the consolidation of the centralized government after revolutions were put down, and the growth in influence of Army leadership. It resulted in nearly 30,000 deaths.

    Uruguay had lesser effects, although it suffered the deaths of nearly 5,000 soldiers.

    This is a map of how Paraguay was before and after the war

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