[PANTS] FUN thread only 48 different people post!

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  1. Post the funniest thing that comes to mind! once 48 (different, only post once because i only count the first post) people post, I (might) give a prize!
  2. ...

    Why'd the chicken cross the road, because it couldn't get to the other side.

    Also another funny thing is todays "religious freedom", that makes me laugh so hard.
  3. Solution to North Korea?
    Boom. Next question.

    The doctor asked if anyone in my family suffered from insanity.
    I said no, we all seemed to enjoy it.
  4. Werd he come from cotton eye jone, bleeeblahbaleblebelbeleble get it there right now cause the turetle's gonna say "burdburdburd, burdistheword yea burdburdburd!"