Panda-Art Texture Pack

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  1. Panda Art Texture Pack
    By: Me

    Hello everybody, and welcome to...this thread?
    Well, anyways, onto the point of it.

    I have made a texture pack. I haven't made any of the textures in it. I love the default Minecraft textures, so I used Defscape & mostly Soartex fanver.
    For some added realism I decided to add in Ovo's rustic for the grass and shadow, and to just compliment my somewhat idiotic personality I added in Sphax dirt, netherack (I can never spell it right but that was just Notch messing with our brains anyways), SoulSand and the breaking animation.
    I chose some Sphax because I like comic books.
    It looks like a comic.
    I also like Fudgecake fire.
    Yes, i'm a bit of an idiot at times.

    Most of the GUI is Faithful 32x32 but the hotbar and the buttons are from Skitscape's texture pack.
    The mobs are also from Faithful.

    I plan to add my own textures in the near future, when I have the time and the artistic skill to draw with a mouse :/

    Also, this texture pack's terrain is ENTIRELY 64x64, with a little bit of 32x32 and 16x16.
    It will lag your game if you happen to play on a toaster worse than mine. It also requires MCPatcher and/or Optifine.
    Piccies coming soon. Having some technical difficulties with dropbox.
    As I said i'm an idiot and I like to tamper with things.

    I usually play with this texture pack, and I decided to release it because I felt like it.

    Main download link: (Down right now because dropbox decided to crash)
    Mirror: (Coming soon, need somebody to supply mediafire for me)
    Support The Puppies: (Coming soon. Clicking it will generate 50p from and all the money goes to an animal charity..I'm hoping)
  2. OK, guys. I'm going to bed now :p Hopefully I get the download link up when I wake up. Cya then.