Palace Hotel of smp2

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  1. I have decided to tear down my hotel on smp2. :( I will build on the site, the old World Trade Center as a memorial. The twin towers will have office space available to anyone who donates rupees to me, or people who pay rent like in real office buildings
  2. I have decided not to tear down the hotel as I have gotten a lot of rupees to buy materials. :)
  3. Hopefully you will make them look nice :D
  4. I said im NOT tearing down the hotel
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  5. Good luck in your build =D
  6. So people donated for you to build a twin towers thing and because you got allot of rupees you decide to NOT build them? Or did you mean you havent got many so your not going to?
  7. no, i got a lot of rupees for signing in each day, and I decided that since it had taken me a lot of rupees to get as far as i did, i wouldnt tear down the hotel
  8. This is an old thread, and originally it said I was tearing down the hotel. The thread, started September 1, 2012, said that. On September 9, I changed my mind. However, the lack of business in the hotel has made me think: "is it really worth having a hotel that no one uses?" the answer is that it isn't worth it. My final decision is this: I am permanently shutting down the palace hotel. People get rich quicker from stores and auctions, than from hotels. I will start tearing down the hotel on Friday, November 23. Above the hotel is the Sky store, which has been the store I've owned since about 1 week after I originally built the hotel. It will stay and become a giant mall. Below the ground will also remain the same as it is mainly farms and storage. However, underground I am deciding to build a Minecraft Jeopardy studio. This will take some money, so please buy some donation boats in the front of the residence. The above ground land on which the hotel currently sits will become a giant tree and animal farm.