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  1. I recently watched the movie "The Campaign" and i got a idea for a funny image. I have fully created it in paint and am trying to save it but i cant seem to get just the image without getting the rest of the canvas. I know that there's a lot of good paint user's on EMC so that's why i'm asking for help on the forum. If you want me to show you the image i can send it to you in a pm but i dot want to show it on the whole forum yet.Could someone pleaseeeeee help me.
  2. I suggest a program called ""
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  3. When people refer to Paint, they usually mean
  4. If the image is rectangular, you can just select it, move it to the top left, and then re-size the canvas so only the image is left. If you're trying to make one of the colors transparent, you'll have to use a different program; paint can't do it. If neither of those are what you're trying to do, PM me the picture, and I'll see if I can help.
  5. You could just crop the image.
  6. Thanks for the help
  7. That is why I use photoshop... jk :p
    I dont know how to use paint very well because I don't have windows on my mac. (Don't sart a war about this :))
  8. Oh :p I thought by paint he just meant Microsoft Paint
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