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  1. Pagination is hard to see what page you're on.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 16.31.42.png

    How about making it look like:
    Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 16.32.05.png


    Search for:
    and copy the code.

    Search for:
    Make the background-color of the first one with the color of the 2nd, and swap the border-color of the first one with the background-color of the 2nd.

    (I can't give you the code because I can't remember what style property Flexile uses anymore.)

    Edit: This will work for all the themes as they should use the same style properties
  2. Yea i would like this.
  3. I can do this, but i think it may be more of a problem with orange than other colors.

    I never had issues seeing current page with blue, but I agree it could stand out more.
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  4. It would only take a few minutes, also :p
  5. Yeah, I did think about that which is why in my screenshot the orange is a slightly altered version of it.
  6. Wouldn't all you have to do is just change the css for each style chooser option?

    Mine's currently Dark - Purple ... so the css is currently:

    .PageNav a.currentPage
    color: rgb(138,60,227);
    background-color: rgb(31,30,32);
    border-color: rgb(145, 48, 193);
    position: relative;

    So maybe switching the rgb for each color and background-color with the other might work?
  7. No, I specifically said what I said and how I said it in a way that would work across all styles.

    Xenforo uses style-properties which are css values tied to a string. which means you'd use @textCtrlBackground in your files like this,

    .css {
    color: @textCtrlBackground;

    and it would render in public as

    .css {
    color: rgb(111.222.111);

    I said for it to be done that way so one edit changed all the styles.
    (Sorry if I rambled here, tired haha)
  8. It's not even this complicated. There's a few buttons in Xenforo that let you change the colours with three clicks of a button.
  9. Traditional css, the way I said would still work ...

    But I didn't know about xenforo using style-options and buttons

    That's almost like the difference between html using notepad vs Dreamweaver kind of ease, eh?
  10. Hence the reply above =D

    You're very correct it would work and without issue.

    It's all about dat Sublime Text!
  11. Hey! I was just going through the forums and suddently the "background" on the pagination changed!
    Dunno what happened there, but i think a certain someone did what you asked. :D

    Edit: I was correct, muahaha! Great idea btw, quite a nice little touch. ;)
  12. Not a bad way of going about it, better choice than mine.
  13. was actually an accident haha... Accidently changed border instead and thought it did look good so left it as is.
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  14. Well, at least your honest, I love it when "mistakes" like that happen!
  15. I was looking at the background was just like 'Wait - am I on the right page?" then I saw that the non-currentPage borders looked more faded than the currentPage ... But it looks nice none-the-less :)
  16. Love it! Thanks
  17. That color looks dark and depressing, its like something died there. It doesn't match the orange design at all and I personally find it very unappealing. I don't really understand why it was changed since the page number was clearly written in white text right next to it. I would rather have a small, semi-useless feature unnoticeable rather than have it noticeable and contrast with the rest of the page in a disgusting way.
  18. What do you see? You use the light theme?
  19. theme.PNG
    I think this is the normal theme.
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