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  1. P1XEL Building Services build redstone creations as well as regular builds, if you would like to sample some of the redstone machines we are capable of building we will be opening a res shortly with many redstone creations. As for buildings, P1XEL Services designs as well as builds creations, prices are as follows:

    Small Builds
    Small building are small houses, farms, or gardens, or storage buildings.
    Small house: 3k
    Garden: 1k
    Farm (wheat, carrots, potatoes, etc. auto-sorting systems changed recently with the anvil change so auto-farms are no longer available): 3k
    Storage building: 2k
    Medium Builds
    Medium buildings are small shops, big houses, basic wild bases, underground lairs, etc.
    Small shop: 10k
    Big house: 11k
    Wildbase: 12k
    Underground Lair: 7k
    Large Builds
    Large buildings are malls, xp grinders, whole wild outposts, big res projects.
    Malls: 17k
    xp grinders: -----
    Whole wild Outposts: 25k
    Big res projects: Depends on build

    If you have anything else in mind just ask.

    As for actually building:

    These prices are a mix of our own design AND we build it, if you have a design you would just like us to build a discount will be added to your order
    Small Builds
    Small house: 7k
    Garden: 1.5k
    Farm: 4k
    Storage building: 4k
    Medium Builds
    Small shop: 14k
    Large house: 15k
    Wildbase: 17k (our employees have to reach the location which takes time)
    Underground Lair: 10k
    Large Builds
    Malls: 24k
    xp grinders: 3-5k
    Whole wild Outposts: (Depends on distance from spawn) 40k
    Big res projects: Depends on project

    Size of build (what you think):
    Kind of build:
    Will you supply materials or us:
    Custom Design or just build:

    Uses 3 or less stacks or redstone: 3k or less
    Uses 4 stacks of redstone in it: 4k
    Uses 5 stacks of redstone in it: 5k
    Uses 6 or more stacks of restone: 6k or more


    All prices are subject to change at any moment and depending on the requests complicity

    Currently taking applications:
  2. Would you be able to show some examples of previous work?
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  4. Ya some examples would be helpful, seeing what you're capable of
  5. fixed :) good luck
  6. I am currently building some basic builds and redstone creations, will get back to you soon, thanks bitemenow