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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by lameidl, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. So I go on like I do everyday and type "/p airlynx99" it says hes on my server. But hes not! I go to smp5 and do it. It still says hes on the server I am on! this seems to be happening to other people to not just me. Please help if you can in any way! Thanks!
  2. yeah bugs been filed ill fix it tonight
  3. Okay thanks!
  4. Oh, not to hijack your thread lame, but setting res permissions, works, but weird code comes up.
    Used to say 'flag set' however now it looks like a bunch of garbled text.
  5. That be because the color codes are not working properly i believe. Probably on the bug tracker already.
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  6. Thought I fixed that... Guess not.
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  7. When did you see this? Before the update last night? Cause it looks fixed in code to me.
  8. Believe last night, just past 10:30...so if it was fixed afterwards, then I did not see it.
    I will check it again tonight, or when I get on to see what happens!