/p is broken?

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  1. On /p now the layout is different and the first empire sign in is at the top. Reason?
    Now sure if its intentional or not
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  2. how is that broken?
    because it didn't make sense to be at the bottom.
  3. I'm online and when I use /p on my res it says that I was last seen 17 hours ago. What? 0_e
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  4. Yeah, I used /p on builder up there, and it actually said last seen on smp9 4 days ago... But j did this right after he disconnected.
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  5. I knew my ninja class you're taking would pay off.
  6. It tells you what server you were last on and how long ago you were on it. Like i am on 2 now and i switched from six about 20 minutes ago.
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  7. Also i have been noticing the bug mentioned by FDNY and TJ a lot. And i talked to a member of staff and they said its not what its meant to be
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  8. How does this work?
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  9. your only supposed to do /p, not /pp.
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  10. we get that too.
  11. Typo in title
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  12. I'll probally move it down a few lines. But yes does appear there is some caching issues.

    I improved /p in last nights update to put less load on the server, changing how it operates. Guess theres a bug.
  13. If you could like keep the layout the way it was though I would like it :3
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  14. And the last time I was on was about 16 hours ago... not 20
  15. Nice example there, Builder :D
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