Ozzy's 200th day AMA

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  1. Hey guys! So this afternoon actually marked my 2ooth day here on EMC :) When I first joined I read through the forums, but I never really did a "proper" introduction, actually I never did any introduction at all lol I am not really on the forums much, though I have been reading through here more lately. In my short time here I have met so many people and come to know some of you quite well. I stay mostly on smp6 in town and build things there and just kind of derp around. I am so glad to have found EMC and I truly look forward to spending many more days to come here, and get to know all of you even more!

    But anyways, I thought that since I never really introduced myself that for my 200th day I would do an AMA so you all can get to know me a little more, and I can talk with even more of you. So, here goes everybody. Ask me anything!
  2. Where did your name come from? I figured you like Ozzy Osbourne, I know I do! :D
  3. I am a huge Ozzy Osbourne fan, I own almost every CD there is and people actually nicknamed me Ozzy to the point my teachers call me Ozzy now too. As for the pyro part, I've always enjoyed lighting things on fire abs in Minecraft blowing things up with TNT
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  4. If you had an infinite amount of time and materials/rupees, what would you build? :3
  5. What's your favorite Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath song? (Mines either Mister Crowley or Iron Man)
  6. I would probably build the most complicated castle I could think of out in the wild somewhere, include plenty of farms of all types so I could just go on my own adventures out there. Maybe some day :)
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  7. Out of the Black Sabbath songs I like War Pigs and Fairies Wear Boots. For Ozzy's songs I would say for the "classic" ones or ones that are not so recent, probably Suicide Solution and Mr. Crowley. From the newer ones I really like Life Won't Wait and I don't Wanna Stop.

    I will never forget several years ago now I went to my very first concert ever, and I saw Ozzy live with Slash opening. Ah the memories!
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