Owners of finch_rocks_1's Head!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I am making this to show all the people who owns my head and the people to verify the heads. This will allow others to find my head easier. I will start off with the owners that i know.


    lol, I cant remember who else :p

    Feel free to post below if you own my head finch_rocks_1 and even if you want a screen of it.

    This thread can also be used to find the owners and for someone to buy my head if they want to.
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  2. I know poofasaurus has one, but pretty sure not for sale.
  3. she has my alt heads. not this one, my alts are at 12731 this one there are and only ever will be 12.
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  4. How much?
  5. i sell all my alt heads at 12731 finch_rocks, finch_rocks_2, DoMxWAFFL3x, TheMegaMall and they are all 1k each, There is a Mini chest, Mini Diamond Block, Mini Gold Block, and a very similar skin as this account head.

    If you are looking for this account, you would have to buy from another player. and i have seen them go as low as 200k. that's if someone will sell it. lol
  6. Must buy finch head now.
  7. I have a finch_rocks_1 head ^_^
  8. I have more than one :p
  9. :( Sell in November?
  10. I think I have 1 in my museum. and I 36 of one of your alt's head
  11. That one is under loan lol

    No you do not. If you do take a screen and with the server open

    Oh yes that one frome bite.

    Good luck...
  12. I have 4 :p
  13. Not 4 of finch_rocks_1,
  14. I have 4 :p
  15. Prove it lol.